Whether or not we agree
You are still my brother
my sister, my mother
my father, my neighbor
You and I are far greater
than any danger we face
Provided we’re united, ignited by faith
In a future that reflects the best of who we are
And a present that protects what’s kept in our hearts
As citizens and servants living with purpose
From veterans with valor to nurses with courage
The onus is on us to restore the trust
In The Truths We Hold deep in our souls
As volunteers and donors
We commandeer the moment
We are more than our appearance
We are parents, not opponents
We are students not statistics
We are humans with convictions
Your needs are mine, my dreams are yours
We are beacons of light on these teeming shores
Our passions, our pains, our losses, our gains
Our love and our struggle will not be in vain
We hurt, we feel
Then we work and we heal
With the iron will, desire and skill
That makes this nation great and mighty – still
From the highest hills to humble endeavors
Let’s us live together
In Freedom

written and produced by Mike Ellison, Dennis White and Tommy Onyx

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